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IBM Manual Testing Interview Questions
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What is System Testing and Integration Testing.Differentiate them.

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Explain what makes a good test engineer?

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What is the role of documentation in QA?

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How can it be known when to stop testing?

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What's an 'inspection'?

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What is a 'walkthrough'?

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What if there isn't enough time for thorough testing?

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Usually on which server test engineer works?

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What is a Bug Report?

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when will update and modify the test object properties in the repository?

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What are the points to be considered while testing an application on different browsers like firefox, opera, mozilla, ie etc. on both windows & linux ??

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Explain test case?

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What is QA Release Package ?

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Define PRAD?

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What makes a good QA or Test manager?

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IBM Manual Testing Interview Questions

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