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IBM POs Interview Questions
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What is the salary of a bank PO and what about the allowances and incentives.Joining as scale-1 how much rank we can go in 10 years? I m in S/W field and curently getting around 30K monthly salary and my current project(Microsoft) is a very long term project, so there is stability in my position for next few years. I have to appear the Syndicate bank PO interview also now trying to give IT officer scale- II exams. But dont know anything abt bank salary and future growth. So can u guys plz provide any information abt this which may help others also in this Forum. Also banks r doing strikes for Salary hikes, Right?

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Hi to every one this is sagar.iam preparing bank po's exams. so,if any one have materials like general awareness,english,quantitative aptitude,arithmetics qustions plz send me my mail ids are,,

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IBM POs Interview Questions

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