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IBM Interview Questions
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Tell me about yourself?

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What are your short-range and long-range goals and how do you expect to achieve them?

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Where you would like to be in 5 years?

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Difference between QA and Testing?

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What is your career goal and career plans ?

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What are Storage Classes in C ?

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Difference between Overloading and Overriding?

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What is the difference between Class and Structure?

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How to communicate between difference process?

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What are counting semaphores?

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What are the differences between public, private, and protected access?

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what usually indicates that ur virtual user script has dynamic data that is dependent on u parameterized fields?

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What is Regression Testing?

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what is debugging and whitebox testing and what is the diff?

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List 5 words that best Describe your strengths?

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IBM Interview Questions

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