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IBM IBM MainFrame AllOther Interview Questions
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GO TO stmt which of the following is not true A) GO TO stmt is not essential in the sense that it is possible to write programs without using GO TO B) The target of the GO TO stmt being a procedure name avoiding GO TO result in a program with no procedure name C) Indiscriminate use of GO TO stmt can make the control structure program substantially complex D) Too many GO TO stmts make a program difficult to understand

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how do we do unit testing in mainfrmae. explain step-wise.

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How many module come in Ibm framework?


What is Framework & How it work?


Why banking use IBM framework?

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What is use of IBM framework?


How IBM framework work?


Tell me abt any another framework which is challening for Ibm framework


Explain Introduction abt Ibm framework


Expalin about Ibm frameworkinh working & is it platform independant & open source?


Give me example of Ibm framewoek Application?

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Is it rquired any server for Ibm framework? Give me list of Ibm framework & recent version IBm framework?


How do you find out whether two Data Sets are having exact Data through ISPF Panel? (Say No of Records, Record Data exactly matching including spaces)

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who will provide realtime projects for me on mainframe banking Or health care domain on bangalore."it's urgent for me" pls send uregent reply

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can u run online and batch at the same time?

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IBM IBM MainFrame AllOther Interview Questions

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