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IBM SAPScript Interview Questions
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can we create a smartform without a MAIN window?give me the reason!

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5. What are the difference between BADI and user Exit.

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Hi, Can we do the computations and calculations in Sapscripts? If yes, please let me know with example. thanks in advance Vijay

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Suppose that i want to show multiple records of purchase order in the window rather than main window in the SAPscript form? Is it possible? If yes, than how ?

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I want to add multiple boxes in the particular window of the script.Is it possible?If yes, than how ?

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Can we write code(Select Queries) in SAP-Script? Not to use Driver Program.

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SAP Script is client dependent. Smartform is client independent. What is the main defference between two?

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i want default printer name in sap-scripts? please help me how to handle this one.


I create a box in sap script for the amount in bill,i want to add Rs. word over box,it is possible?

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what is maximum columns number in SAPScripts and Smartforms. If How can we move to next page for print.?


How to edit standard SAPSCRIPT called by standard program ?


how to define the total and sub total in smartform

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hi, can you please tell me some thing about "Worksoft Certify Tool"? how it is useful?? 

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IBM SAPScript Interview Questions

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