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IBM Linux System Calls Interview Questions
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what is sudo on linux?

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how to configure http server on red hat linux4.0?

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what is cups and how to configure?

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I would like to know whether Simado and Setu products are they EPBX or not ?


1. Where the History file can be located? 2. How will you harden the server? 3. Diff between Raid 1 and Raid 5? 4. What is the largest disk size can be used in LVM? 5. How will you remove a PV from lvm without any data loss? 6. What is the diff between ext3 and ext2 File system? 7. How we can use resize2fs, what is the purpose? 8. What is the purpose of LVM? Why it is used? 9. If the FS is in read-only mode, so we cannot create any file. How will you fix it? 10. How to create swap partition after OS installation? 11. What is the diff between ssh and telnet? 12. How to find out the dependency required for a package?

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IBM Linux System Calls Interview Questions

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