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IBM Business Objects Interview Questions
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11.what are the features in BO?

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suppose case1:a person buy a car case2: rent a car which is context & which is alias? why?

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What is the use of Surrogate key in BO?

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What is the use of Surrogate Key in BO?

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1.what is input level context and output level context in webI? 2.what is a cascading prompt? Where will you give this and how? 3. What is External Strategy?

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how do u migrate BO 6.x to XI ?

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what is confirm dimension ?

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what are the debuggings in the business objects?

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Pls Explain about the different between 6.5 & Xi R2

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What are the join problems comes appart from loop,chasm & fan Traps


Iam having an report there four cloums and n number of rows if i click ang one cell the report want to go to another report page which gives the detail of the cell which i click pls help me with example

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How many universe dfi you create if you have 2 years of experience in BO

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draw the architecture of bo


u drag 2 sources from 2 diff dataproviders,how we take these 2 sources into 1 single report, how we give the link these 2 sources

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how we improve the performance of report and universe?

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IBM Business Objects Interview Questions

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