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IBM Linux Commands Interview Questions
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Send me some of the commands being used in linux

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what is initrd image?

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1.I want to change runlevel but the Users shall not be disturbed?how? 2.Disk have 5gb disk utilization even though files unable to create, why? 3.what are the internal and external command in linux? 4.sar command o/p? list the open files? 6.what is kernel compiling? 7.How do u See complete configuration in ur system? will u make a daily updates with cron daily? 9.which port is associated with ttys0? 10.specific some problems linux admin(if u are linux admin)faced and how did u overcome it?

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what is major and minor?

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what is soft mount and hard mount? i have to make permanent nfs mount permanent what shall i do?

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what is a command to display top 10 users who are using Huge Space?

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How to FTP user access other directory except his own home directory ?

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what is the difference between service and process?

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Write a cron entry for the following scenario:- At 10:30 AM for every Sunday of every 1st month of a quarter.

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what is nis server?

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Why ls -F dev/log file output indicate as = sign at end of the file name?

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Q. If we transfer 100 files by ftp to remote server, how to know the files are successfully transfer or some file are not transferred ?

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what is the command for finding the higest memory occupied file in linux?

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what is the command to uninstall processes in linux?

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IBM Linux Commands Interview Questions

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