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IBM Networking AllOther Interview Questions
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What are the advantages and disadvantages of switch

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What are the advantages and disadvantages of router

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If i want to crack any serial key using system information then how can i do it? Is it possible?


how we can access 2 networks at a time from a system lets say 1)local network and 2)internet

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which is the latest versions of bluetooth & WiFi?

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1.Explain the main purpose of IP address? 2.List two purposes for a web browser? 3.Explain an advantage and a disadvantage of multiple search engines? 4.Describe two roles of Internet Services Providers (ISPs)?



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difference between parallel and serialo communication

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what is backup? what are those types and where those are used?

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IBM Networking AllOther Interview Questions

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Scenario A year ago we developed a standards compliant website for a client. Their site is very popular resulting in the client wanting to be able to track how it is being used by their users. The first part of this project is to create a Login function so that users can be identified on the website. The data supplied by users would have to be handled securely. You have been allocated this project to work on. You will be responsible for the task from start to finish and will be expected to give feedback to your manager. User expectations  The client wants their users to be able to login using a page that fits in with the website design.  Tom wants to access the website but doesn’t want his login information to be available to anyone else.  Paul doesn’t want to login to the website because he’s not a frequent user. Task Please provide some feedback on how you would do the following:-  Being the only Test Engineer on this task, what would your approach be for this requirement?  Identify the key areas for testing this page.  What tools if any, would you use to perform the testing, bearing in mind that the testing will be done without using an ‘automated test tool’.  Provide a sample test case that could be used for testing this page, for example as a word or Excel document.


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