Accounting Interview Questions
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difference between cash book and bank book?

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why do u think u can be selected in the job?

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what is inventory and how can manage the inventory. what is ledger and what difference in inventory and ledger.


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What is the Difference between Current Assets and Fixed Assets and how would you classified it

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What is 43B in an Indian Taxation?

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What is the Special provision for computing profits and gains of business of civil construction

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Is Bank Reconciliation Statement is compulsory prepared? Even when both cash & Bank Book are tally?

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While Scrutinizing the Trial Balance which error will catch you eye immediately...


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What do you mean by an Accounting Cycle....?????


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Define the 'Input Tax' in respect of Service Tax Act. What type of Input tax can be taken for the credit of tax payble?

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What are the golder rules of Accounts ?

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Can closing stock of current year be present in tht Trial Balance of said year...????

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What do you mean by SPOT Rate in case of Foreign Branch...???

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Hi, in Vendor Master i put in defualt data material in purchasing group in sap. now i want to report or list only purchasing group wise vendor only like subcontractor vendor list only how to get this?


what would you contribute for bhels growth


Hi, I am preparing for Junior Accounts Officers test- APTRANSCO. Can any one suggest the model paper / Books available? john kadapa


What is the logic behind this entry P & L Appropriation A/c ..........Dr. To Provision for income tax A/c


salary entry with briefly including pf,esi,employee advances -journal entry with against payment entry


What is permanent account number (pan)?


what is audit & activities of auditor?


if i have a educational loan on my name, can i show for tax exemption on current year income tax? Is it applicable for tax exemption (educational loan)


how to calculate vat,pf,esi,service tax in corporate firm


why do think you are best candicate for this post.


How do you handle lack of direction or working in chaos


plz tell me the finance questions asked in hsbc latest question asked in hsbc?


Do v call director in the partnership firm?


Is it correct to covered fesibility report expenses and survey expenses in pre-operative exepenses ?


How can i prepare MIS report for Finance?