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IBM DB400 Interview Questions
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Q.1 how to implement the commitment control. to control commitment control from external program.

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Hi, Please give the answer to this question? I have Phisical file with 100 records,there is no any duplicate records in this pf.Based on this pf one Logical file i have used.But this lf is viewing only 80 records only of that pf?What is the reason for this?Please give me answer?

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1. How can I create a LF using crtlf command based on a particular member in a multimember PF? Where I have to specify the member name? 2. How to differentiate between the types of join from a Join logical file DDS. Is it possible to have different types of Join Logical files? 3.Any performance difference between Opnqrf and Embedded SQL? When I should prefer Opnqryf and when SQL? 4. I know access path is the path chosen by the program to retrieve data. It can be of keyed access path or arrival sequence. *IMMED- *IMMED description says access path is updated each time record is added or deleted from a member. - What is updating here? *REBLD - The access path is completely rebuilt each time a file member is opened. The access path is maintained until the member is closed, then the access path is deleted. - I am not able to understand this completely. Could anyone explain these more clearly? 5.What is the purpose of using activation group. I know it is a resource allocator, but other than this any other benefits of using an activation group?

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IBM DB400 Interview Questions

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