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IBM SAP Netweaver Interview Questions
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what is XI, EP, and MDM

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send me sap xi interview questions .Thanks in advance

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why no need to create the communication channels for http/idoc adapters in sap xi

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Why did u use the flag field in jdbc table?

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Have created sender agreement for idoc? Why?

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Why we need to create receiver agreement for idoc?


What is the component monitoring?

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When we use proxy and when we use for idoc?


How will you import the rfc?

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Why bapi you have used in rfc?

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sap -->pi-->sap scenario. config in both sap and pi?


How comfortable are you with Node functions?Explain formatByExample

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Sample udfs

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Is it necessary to install SAP Web AS for SAP CRM to run IC web client?

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please let me know SAP XI interview questions for ibm ? what level they may ask

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IBM SAP Netweaver Interview Questions

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