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IBM Teradata Interview Questions
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can we have an unconnected lkp to lookup a DB2 record against a Teradata record?

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In which phase of the Active Data Warehouse evolution do you use data to determine what will happen?

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What is FILLER command in Teradata?

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How to find No. of Records present in Each AMP or a Node for a given Table through SQL?

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Why MultiLoad Utility supports only Non Unique Secondary Index(NUSI) in the Target Table ?

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How to Skip or Get first and Last Record from Flat File through MultiLoad and TPUMP Utility?

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I have all the TERADATA Certification Dumps for the below: NR0-011, NR0-012, NR0-013, NR0-014 NR0-015 NR0-016, NR0-017 If anyone need it, pls drop me a mail with Code in the mail to:

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why varchar takes 2 extra bytes?

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Where we use PPI in real time??? What is the disadvantages of PPI?

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Can u load same data into multiple tables using multiload? How will be the loading process? Whether it will be serially or parallely?

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What is differnce between Error code and Error Level in Bteq

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Can we take collect stats on Dervied Tables and Volitable tables, What is Golabal Temporary table what is the use of this Golabal Temporary table ,When we create any kind table in Teradata it will show in Golabal Temporary table

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What is the default join strategy in Teradata???

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Can we have two time dimensions in a schema(either star or snow flake)? For ex if we want joining date of employee and if we want today's sales with time whether can we have two time dimensions for accommodating above tasks?


in ur table contains the coloumns like deptno,sal empname then i want output as deptno subtotalofdept totalsal 10 3700 3700 20 3400 7100 like that

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IBM Teradata Interview Questions

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