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IBM Oracle Apps SCM Interview Questions
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Even though Item attributes are correctly set and item is assigned to OE Item validation organization still the item in not available while creating SO. What is the cause?

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What are the three C’s in 11i? What are the changes in SOB’s in R12? What is the 4th C in R12?

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can you tel me what is the difference between workday calendar and accounting calendar??????

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in what case consultant will suggest for more than one operating unit, reasons?

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Please let me know the important Interview concepts to be learnt for PO,OM and INV Modules


What is the Month End closing Process in INV, Purchasing and OrderManagement?

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How to define vacation rules in Oracle Purchasing upon User Request?

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Oracle Needs to raise Purchase Order Automatically when the Item Quantity down in Inventory, without using min-max?

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How to Raise SR to Oracle?

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How does Oracle apps come to know that entered order is back to back or Standard sales order if in both the cases item is ATO type?

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IBM Oracle Apps SCM Interview Questions

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