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IBM WebMethods Interview Questions
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What Does a Flow Service Look Like in Diagram View?

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How to Move Flow Steps?

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how to configure sap adapter6.1


If i have to move packages from one IS to another, which process would u suggest, is it thru wmDeployer or someother processes like publish/subscribe?

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2. What are the different ports in IS?

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If v want to run the server with some other port number , what v need to do ?? Developer:

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scenario: i have a loop A, under which i have a child loop B, under which i have a Branch with few services with a condition. if a condition is satisfied , then i need my branch to exit from loop B, what should i do?

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what are extended settings?

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if i have a parent sequence with the property set- exit on success, n the try sequence block set to exit on failure, n the catch sequence block too set to failure, what is the result?

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what are client groups?

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What is the main difference between webservies 6.5 and webservies 7.1.2

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use of finally block in exception handling in webmethods

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gate ways in webmethods

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i have partner A,and partner B, then i want to send a document to partner B, what are requirements i will provide to partners ?

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how to get a data from FTP server in webMethods Integration server?

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IBM WebMethods Interview Questions

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