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IBM IMS Interview Questions
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which is the first statement in COBOL-IMS programs?

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What is Hierarchy Chart?

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Which is the DL/I function used in CICS-IMS program?

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Static & Dynamic PSB

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Which is the DL/I function used in CICS-IMS program? IBM

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abt ssa.purpose of ssa

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This question regarding Checkpoint. Suppose my program has checkpoint for every 100 records. If my program abends at 120 records, what will happen. I know first 100 records are committed and rest of 20 records where they gone and where they are stored.

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Can we give the GSAM-PCB in between the DB-PCB'S like below? I/O-PCB DB-PCB1 GSAM-PCB1 GSAM-PCB2 DB-PCB2

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What is the difference between SIBLINGS and TWINS in IMS-DB database

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I have database, in that segment1 having dept code and segment 2 and so on multiple employees num. using dept & employee num we have to compare whether that employee belong to that dept or not, if that employee belongs to that dept then incentive is same same as in the table or else incentive must be zero? using IMS & cobol

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IBM IMS Interview Questions

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