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IBM Design Patterns Interview Questions
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what is design patterns? which design patterns mostly used in .net? How it is used with examples?

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when performing a functional test on a phone calculator,if pressing on a button does not function what do i do next

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Can any one suggest me the best institute for Software Design , Design Patterns and architecture in Hyderabad please. Thanks in Advance.

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2. Create your own definition of a system. Based on the “system” definitions a. Identify your viewpoint of shortcomings in the definitions. b. Provide rationale as to why you believe that your definition overcomes those shortcomings. c. From an historical perspective, identify three precedented systems that were replaced by unprecedented systems.


i have file(ps),dont know how many records are there. move half of the records to 2 files. how can we do

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What is Architecture and what is design? Are they related?

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IBM Design Patterns Interview Questions

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