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IBM CCNA Interview Questions
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What does a metric of 16 hops represent when using RIP? A.) Number of hops to the destination B.) Destination unreachable C.) Number of routers D.) Bandwidth

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Which of the following are valid WAN terms? A.) DTE B.) DCE C.) Demarc D.) CPE

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At which layer of the OSI model does the ping command operate? A. session B. network C. transport D. maintenance

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what is hop count?

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What is Spanning Tree Protocol and how it work? I know it is - STP is Spanning tree Protocol. It Stops the looping in the network? How STP work? How it stop Looping in network?

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How we put NIC in promiscuous mode when using MS windows, can any one tell me in detail

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What are the Timer of RIP, IGRP, EIGRP and OSPF Routing Protocol?

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what is native vlan any one explain sooraj

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friends i have 3ree prob which is asked in ibm india in technical round 1 what is ftp(this was easy i had answered) 2 why we use ftp(i think it is a tough one) 3 how can we enable ftp in the widows xp. friend i need these question answer as soon as possible if it is possible to reply within the eveing then i always obeyliged to you i am espacily looking towards the jitendera sinha who make most of the valuable answer loking toward you nidhi mall

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what is the subnet for the host ip address

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What is LSA? How many types of LSA used by OSPF version 2??

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Which device works at the Network Layer of the OSI model? Router Switch Bridge Hub

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what is bgp, and what its attributes (thanks to sahin he sende me notes) Please try to give answer it will help you in future. after giving the answer most of them i am selected foro\ 2nd round of interview thanks

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what is ip address and what is the difference between the ip address and mac address why we are not using mac address instead of ip address

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what is stp.

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IBM CCNA Interview Questions

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