What is integration testing?

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What is integration testing?..

Answer / thamim

integration testing means its done by the development
team.its targeting the design. it have a two types

1. top down integration

2. bottom up integration.

you correct me . i make a mistake for this answer

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What is integration testing?..

Answer / deepa

test the combination of modules is called as integration testing

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What is integration testing?..

Answer / srinivas

After all modules are developed by the developers and they
are integrated with each other,TE has to check individual
functionality of the module and after integration also how
it is working.It should work same before and after
integration also

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What is integration testing?..

Answer / geetha

whether each module is communicating properly.
it is used to check the dependency of data flow..

for eg) after typing ur username and pwd .once u click sign
in.. the control should automatically get ur first name
from the database and take u to ur mailing account..

plz correct me if im wrong

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What is integration testing?..

Answer / hemaiyer

integration testing: testing the relationship,
connectivity/bridge between the feature and the module.
for instance amount transfer and amount balance for amount
transfer login as x and transfer the amount to y after
transfering now log out as x & go to next link ie.amount
balance and check wether the amount balance is correct
ie,amountbalance=previousbalance-the amount transferred if
this functionality feature and module is working then this
is called integration testing.


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