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IBM SAP Business One Interview Questions
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How many types of Routines in SAP BI(7.0)?

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if someone interviewer ask me briefly explain your sales flow in your project ?-rajesh

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what is the techincal name for dimensions in a cube?

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hi 1.while monitoring process chains i got an error that "activation was failed"what is the reason for failure and how did u solve that problem? 2.Process chain is going on running but it is not completing ,stopping?what are the necessary steps we have to take to solve the problem? 3.If there is any duplication in the cube ,how to rectify it and how to solve the duplication in the cube? 4.we have created one new field in the extractions which is not presented in the communication structure ,but the problem is how to bring the created field in to the cube? 5.what is meant by compressin? here the problem is we are deleting the request id,s what about the data depending on the id? 6.For improving the query we will create aggregates ? how the internal process will takes place to improve the query? what is meant by aggregate? to schedule the process chain "in a month first five days "i have to schedule the process chain? how? 8.what is meant by archiving? Support question service level aggrement: If we are unable to solve the ticket with in the service level aggrement? what are the necesary steps we have to take? these are the question i have faced on ibm interview,ok byee thanks®ards suresh kumar

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can we load delta load directly without full load ? how ? what are the steps

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Why we are going for customization? Give me a scenario..

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Why we have only 16 Dimension tables in a cube.Is there any reson.Is it a limitation?

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you run info package in process chain level you got error how to delete that one

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can any working guy help explaining me about any twop reports which u have created.....on sales and purchase


If You Create a Compounding Attribute How many primary Keys it Generates?

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what are the table created when you created a infoobject

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How to use abap start routine and end routine what is the code? Where it be coded?

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Name of the tool used for unit testing

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Difference between filter and condition in sap bi

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hi frnds dc's suma.could u tell me this one.( have 2 Data Sources sales and Billing.I have 2 Cubes called 1.sales cube and 2.Billing Cube with its own Data,Now i want to add Sales Data to Billing Cube.How Can it Possible,Can you any one Explain?

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IBM SAP Business One Interview Questions

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