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IBM JDBC Interview Questions
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How can a java objects be stored in database?

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Can you define a foreign key, with a key from the same table?

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Without using of Class.forName(? ?), how do you connect to db?

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What are pros and cons of using of Type-2 and Type-4 Drivers over Type-1 driver?

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What does Class.forName return?

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what exactly happens when we execute "Class.forname("Driver class name");"?Explain indetail

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preparedstatement p= new preparedstatement is it possible ?

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How to handle when the database crashes while reading the data from the database?

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Is there any limitation for no of statments executed with in batchupdate?

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Difference between JDBC and Hibernate? Give one sample based on the variance?

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i am user who logined the application..after that another valid user will also that is it neccessary to create jdbc connection for each and every user...plz explain it with proper answer...plz help me

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IBM JDBC Interview Questions

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