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Describe a complex problem you have solved or haven't solved?

Blue Cross, Blue Cross Laboratories, Edcon, Exxon Mobil, Integra, NBA, TCS,

9 30949

What are your short-range and long-range goals and how do you expect to achieve them?

Accenture, Amazon, IBM, iEnergizer, TCS,

16 48620

What are your Greatest strengths and weaknesses?

McDonalds, TCS,

47 151358

What do you expect of others in a team environment?


12 26997

How do you establish working relationships with new people?

College School Exams Tests, Hero Honda, Hero MotoCorp, ICGC, Marketing, TCS, Wockhardt,

11 33279

How would your co-workers/classmates/friends describe you?

HP, Siemens,

16 26087

Give an example of a time when you had to make a quick decision on the job?


7 26650

What would you want to achieve in your first year on the job?

Bayer, Cap Gemini, Deloitte, Havells, Siemens,

19 72483

List 5 words that best Describe your strengths?

IBM, Oberoi,

29 228426

What are two of your weaknesses?

Mphasis, TCS,

44 42139

A coworker continually gossips about others. How would you handle it?

7 10709

What motivates you to work hard?

IOCL, Wipro,

14 30619

What are you most proud of?

17 25406

How long would you stay with us?

ICICI, Sutherland, TCS,

25 60566

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Who do you think are our most frequent buyers and clients?


when do you think you will complete and be able to join?(Contextual question)


Do you know anything about JAVA?


What parts of your education do you see as relevant to this position?


Tell me something about yourself and your family.


Why choose a Public sector undertaking (PSU) over a private firm? Aren't they more competitive than us?


how do you react to instruction and criticism?


If offered the job, how long do you plan to stay at Ross Stores?


How will you prove your worth to the company and how will the company benefit if we hire you?


Who all you have in your family?


What Are Your Career Goals?


How do you make your decisions in general?


What are the strategies through which you would instil work ethic in your team?


Describe yourself in 4 words.


How has your college experience prepared you for a career at Accessorize?