Python Interview Questions
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what is python?


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post me some questions from pythom script


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Is python the right choice for Web based Programming?

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Given a text file (FILE1) with lots of words (ex, an ebook), and another file (FILE2) with a list of blacklist words (slangs, porn, etc.), write a program to find the top 100 words(most frequent 100 words) from FILE1 which are not present in FILE2.

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where can I get the study material for python

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Explain how python is interpreted.

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What are the rules for local and global variables in Python?

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Explain the dictionary in Python.

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How do we share global variables across modules in Python?

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How can we pass optional or keyword parameters from one function to another in Python?

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Explain indexing and slicing operation in sequences

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What is a Lambda form? Explain about assert statement?

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Explain the role of repr function.

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Explain pickling and unpickling.

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What is LIST comprehensions features of Python used for?

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What are the basic data types supported by python?


How do you make use of arrays in python?


Is there a switch or case statements in python?if not what is the reason for the same?


What is flask & its benefits?


How to install python on windows and set path variable?


How do you create your own package in python?


What are packages in python which are commonly used explain one ?


What is os module will do in python?


What is the length of your largest python code? Can you please describe the project?


Will exit method in python de allocate the global namespace?


What happens if an error occurs that is not handled in the except block?


How much bytes do integer and decimal data types hold in python?


How do you monitor the code flow of a program in python?


Is there any tool used to find bugs or carrying out static analysis?


What are different modes in file operations?