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Python Interview Questions
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what is python?


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post me some questions from pythom script


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Is python the right choice for Web based Programming?

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Given a text file (FILE1) with lots of words (ex, an ebook), and another file (FILE2) with a list of blacklist words (slangs, porn, etc.), write a program to find the top 100 words(most frequent 100 words) from FILE1 which are not present in FILE2.

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where can I get the study material for python

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Explain how python is interpreted.

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What are the rules for local and global variables in Python?

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Explain the dictionary in Python.

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How do we share global variables across modules in Python?

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How can we pass optional or keyword parameters from one function to another in Python?

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Explain indexing and slicing operation in sequences

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What is a Lambda form? Explain about assert statement?

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Explain the role of repr function.

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Explain pickling and unpickling.

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What is LIST comprehensions features of Python used for?

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How to convert a number to a string?


Are there arrays in python?


What does while 1 mean in python?


What does do in c?


How are data types defined in python and how much bytes do integer and decimal data types hold?


What does __ init __ mean in python?


Does the same python code work on multiple platforms without any changes?


What is the difference between Python and Django?


Is python zero indexed?


Give an example for join() and split() funcitons


Do you need python to run a python program?


Which method removes and returns last object of a list?


How will you capitalize the first letter of a string?


Explain about pdb module in python?


Which database is best for python?