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IBM SAP ALE IDocs Interview Questions
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How to create an Idoc & Attached to SAP Transaction? For example we want to trigger IDOC To other system when we Save the PO Via ME21N.

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when idoc is created in which table its stored ...

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Hi to all. Let me know please 'IN real time What is actual role of an abaper in ALE-IDOCS and also wt abaper do in case of CHANGE POINTERS. PLEASE SEND ANSWER TO MY ID:

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sir send me all interview question in sap abap(ibm) as user exit,bdc,script,enhancement,badi,bapi,ale idoc,

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Suppose their is one sender and we have three recievers. While generating an IDOC will it generate 3 IDOC's for three receivers? Please explain in detail how the flow goes from outbound to inbound systems?

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i was sent 10 records using outbound in ale/idoc 8 records are up dated in data base tables what happend remaing records did not showing error in we02

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what is the table for trfc port

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what is the store procedure in sappi ?

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IBM SAP ALE IDocs Interview Questions

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