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IBM VB.NET Interview Questions
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Write a program for calculator in VB.NET

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what are the advantages and diadvantages of active reports over crystal reports ?

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i have two class that contain's two methods as same name in derived class i have to call these two methods what will happen at run time ?


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IBM VB.NET Interview Questions

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INCLUDE is used ONLY on MVS/ESA Version 4 or higher systems to name an INCLUDE group. An INCLUDE group is a set of one or more valid JCL statements that are stored together in a JCLLIB data set or a system procedure library, and that are read in and used to replace the INCLUDE statement itself within the job. Any number of INCLUDE statements can be used in a job, but the name field value used on each should be unique within the job. The INCLUDE statements can appear in a job anywhere after the JOB statement, but may not appear between a CNTL and ENDCNTL JCL statement.


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