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IBM C Code Interview Questions
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How to swap two variables, without using third variable ?

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Extend the sutherland-hodgman clipping algorithm to clip three-dimensional planes against a regular paralleiepiped

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Set up procedure for generating a wire frame display of a polyhedron with the hidden edges of the object drawn with dashed lines


how to delete an element in an array

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main() { printf("%d, %d", sizeof('c'), sizeof(100)); } a. 2, 2 b. 2, 100 c. 4, 100 d. 4, 4

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main() { int i; printf("%d",scanf("%d",&i)); // value 10 is given as input here }

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main() { int i=0; while(+(+i--)!=0) i-=i++; printf("%d",i); }

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main() { char *p = “ayqm”; printf(“%c”,++*(p++)); }

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IBM C Code Interview Questions

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