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IBM QTP Interview Questions
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What is runtime objects and test objects? What is the difference between them?

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What is the scripting language used in QTP?

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Explain about reusable actions?

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How to export QTP results to an .xls file?

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what is qtp automation frame work,what is the use of that frame work?

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I have 5 no.of Action in my Test. Out off which i should make 3rd action as my start-up action. How should i make it?

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How Does Run time data (Parameterization) is handled in QTP?

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Explain the check points in QTP?

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How to execute a WinRunner Script in QTP?

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How to open any application during Scripting in QTP?

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give me descriptive programing code sample flight application in qtp?

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How you r using QTP in u r project

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How to Test the mainframe application?(tell me few basic things)

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what is descriptive.create()in qtp?

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what is the use of VIRTUAL OBJECTS? explain ?

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IBM QTP Interview Questions

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