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IBM Manual Testing Interview Questions
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what is mean by computer standards,with ex?

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What are the diff ways to check a date field in a website?

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how to write test cases for chair?

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what is baseline in testing

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how u will do the load,stress and performance testing manually ?

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If we have no SRS,BRS but we have test cases does u execute the test cases blindly or do u follow any other process|

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what is difference between desktop and web application?

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anybody having idea about mobile testing materials

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tester with develop ment knowledge will be more effective .justify?

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difference between sretagic test plan & test plan?

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what are the different types of SDLC?

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how would u do performance Testing manually for web site.

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How well you work with a team?

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At which stage testing phase will start

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which model are you following

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IBM Manual Testing Interview Questions

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