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At which stage testing phase will start

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At which stage testing phase will start..

Answer / prateek

Agree to Kathiravan's comment.
There are two types of testing, Static testing & Dynamic
testing. Static testing includes review of BRD, FDS, Test
Scanrios, test cases etc where as Dynamic testing includes
actual testing of Code (Unit testing from developer)
Sysyem/Integration/functional testing from tester...

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At which stage testing phase will start..

Answer / kathiravan

where the requirement phase start then testing will start

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At which stage testing phase will start..

Answer / srikar.k

after completion of preparation of Bussiness
requirements,testing process is started in V-model.

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At which stage testing phase will start..

Answer / poonam

Testing phase starts as soon as BRD i.e. Buisness
specification Document is prepared.

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At which stage testing phase will start..

Answer / tester

In V model, although Although UAT maps with Business
Requirements that dos not mean that testing will start when
after preperation of Business requirement.
Testing only starts when a unit of code is completed -Unit

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