what is mean by computer standards,with ex?

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what is mean by computer standards,with ex?..

Answer / s.a. ruthrapathy

Simple definition of computer:

computer is an electronic machine. It gets the input from
the user giving output before processing. it's a fast
calculating machine.

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what is mean by computer standards,with ex?..

Answer / sai

computer is an electronic meachine. only it gets input from
user and giving output to the particular user

Network makes world smaller and short

Using network only we can able to share the information very

But now a days without Internet computer device is only used
for calculating process and playing computer games........So
Internet gives life to computer machine

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what is mean by computer standards,with ex?..

Answer / mohanraj

computer is a electronic device that manipulates information or data,it has ability to store and retrieve,and process data.

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what is mean by computer standards,with ex?..

Answer / akshay deshpande

simple defination of computer : computer is a machine,to
do everything that we want...

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