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IBM SAP SD (Sales & Distribution) Interview Questions
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in third party we do migo step only for information purpose but customer wants that it also update the company stock.then how we will do this.

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How rebate is controlled for automatic accruals or manual accruals? Where are settings?

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what is price list ?tell me the configuration ,it's use with example

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Some BBilling Questions 1) Whether Billing update the document flow & billing Status? 2) Can you change proposed Billing Type (Froom Sales Order) while creating Billing Document? 3) Can you use an Invoice to refer an order and delivery at the same time? 4) Can you generate debit and credit memo with reference to delivery? 5) When you process an invoice correction and you change the quantity, the system also update the stock quantity and value in the balance sheet. Is this true or false? 6) Should you create delivery after cash sales or not? 7) With delivery related billing the system will copy only data from delivery or both sales order + delivery? 8) Whether SAP system allows you to include both order related items & delivery related items on the same billing document? 9) Which can be changed before an accounting document is created? *Billing Date *Pricing date *Billing Value *Account Determination *Output determination 10 ) How you can identify in Billing whether it is order related billing or delivery related Billing? Rajiv Trivedi SAP-SD

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What is customer account group & what is its functionality in SAP?

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if we maintain shipping condition 01 in customer master data(xd01) and shipping condition 02 in document type OR what wil hapen when wil raise sales order?

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What is/are the ticketing software tools used by small software companies like CMM Level 2/3/4 organizations? Give examples of different ticketing Software tools to manage tickets.Please provide answer to this question asap.. I am waiting for your reply eagerly. Expecting quick response from your end. Thanks in advance..

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Where do you find Schedule lines in a Sales Orders & Deliveries? What is the role of Schedule lines in Sales orders & Delivery? What are the controls of Schedule line category and why is it needed & its importance in Documentation & Delivery Plz provide answer to this question asap.. I am waiting for your reply eagerly. Expecting quick response from your end. Thanks in advance..

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How does system knows condition type weather its PR00,K004 and MWST .where the system Identifies ?

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Where does billing type controls ? In sales order level where to Pick the plant and customer ?

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Once Packing is done and PGI is completed, Can we re-pack it later

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In Material Master Record we maintain General Item Category Group and Item Category Group, whats the difference

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In SD, Pricing Procedure determination we have DOC PP + Customer PP + DOC Type & Condition Type, what is the use of Condition type in determination

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In SD, if i List and Exclude as part of Listing and Exclusytion what would be system response

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In Enterprise Structure, we maintain Language and Currency for various fields,, what is the diff e.g we have at Company level, CCA, Company Code, Sales Org etc...


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IBM SAP SD (Sales & Distribution) Interview Questions

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