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IBM SAP SD (Sales & Distribution) Interview Questions
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What is your Team size? Please note that here Interviewer means the total persons/ headcount from all the modules? How to handle this question? Generally in a project whether big or medium size company how does a consultant know how much is the team size of all the modules altogether? Generally in a big company how much would be team size? Some are saying only Project leader will be in a position to know the total team size of his project( both onsite & offsite headcount)is it so? whether interviewer is trying to pull my hair and just passing time in order to reject me? How to answer such questions confidently in an interview?

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Do we have 2 maintain schedule lines for all the items all the time? If not what are the exceptions? What are Text items? Do they have Schedule lines? What are Value items? What is service item? Explain each of them in detail along with one example?

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what is L2 and L3 tickets in SLA......

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Tell me about the most difficult(typical) ticket you have faced till date in your support project? The ticket should have taken lot of time to get resolved and it should be a rare ticket where you do not these issues more frequently? How to answer this question more confidently? Where do we find difficult tickets so that we can explain in any interview. Please provide me some of the most difficult (2-4)tickets by giving the exact error message the end user is getting & what is ur analysis,findings and finally how did you resolved ( final resolution) that issue in detail along with path & t-codes. Please note that these tickets should be in such a way that it can be explainable in interview. As this question is given lot of weightage in selecting or rejecting the candidate so, It would of great help to me if you can send 2-4 tickets as early as possible. Also I request you to suggest some websites which would be useful in answering such questions. Thanx in advance

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What are the gaps did you find in your current implementation project in SAP SD? If there are gaps then how did you fill them? I have been asked this question in a recent interview. Plz tell me how to answer this question confidently along with real time data examples? I request you to provide answers with reference to your real time 2- 3 gap scenarios & how did you filled them? Thanks in advance - an unemployee waiting for your answers eagerly.

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after returns, where the return material will store befor it is send to scrap and unrestricted stock based on quality check........

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what is tickets? tel me any real time tickets?

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how can you design copy control?

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How many types of Third Party Sales orders are there? Explain in detail? / What are different types of Third Party Sales Order Processes available in SAP SD Module? Give Examples if any.Please give detailed steps & Process. I have been asked this question in a recent interview.

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What is the your business process?? i have been asked this question in many interviews

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What is difference between Warehouse Management & Lean Warehouse Management? When LMW is used?

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what is the stock we maintain in consignment process

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what is the price list and condition update in pricing

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In third party sale what is the stock we maintain.

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In Third party if vendor direct deliever the goods to the customer or deliever the goods to the company then what would be the diff in this scenerio bcz of these two situation.

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IBM SAP SD (Sales & Distribution) Interview Questions

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