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IBM SAP SD (Sales & Distribution) Interview Questions
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how we can reduce the gap according to client requirement ?

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what is header item condition in sales header data. what is header item condition in schedule line data

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hai all, i want to know about CIN, and how it is configured.

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what is userexit?

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I Recently faced the interview in SAP SD.Interviewer asked the what is the serial no in delivery processing?and also what is the pgi?and what is the configuration for packing? and what is the relation between plant and shipping point?

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What is the process flow in Logistics execution?

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What is Sale order processing? Once sale order is created, the processing of S.O means, checking for the materiaal availability using Availability check,shiiping point determination, price determintaion, Back Order processsing, credit check holds removal, but will avaailability check include planned receipts, if planned receipts like prodn order will be considered in Avilability check which is done as Sale order processing, then does it mean that MRP needs to be run for availability check, coz MRP run gives u the qty to be produced and when it needs to be produced. Please clarify.


I need the Solution Manger Document , please send it to me. And one more question,what is unit and integration testing ?

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how to handle returnable packing material? what is the process involved in it?:

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plz send how to do testing in sap R/3.... i need the testing process in SAP SD.....

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What are the 16 steps in the pricing procedure?

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Who will prepare QABD ?

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What is business change and impact ? it is a step in project realization stage ? if am wrong,please correct ?

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1.In third party process am getting an error message (check table 169p entry company code (1111) does not exist) at MIGO step , What should I do to over come this error ?

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What is the difference between Excisegroup and Series group.

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IBM SAP SD (Sales & Distribution) Interview Questions

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