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IBM SAP SD (Sales & Distribution) Interview Questions
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What is meant by early watch with respect to SAP terminology

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In sale order sometimes you will see two schedule lines now. I want to see always one schedule line? How you will configure this ?

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In sales order I want text? What are the settings we can do?

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what is the difference between we02, we05, we09?

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Hi,In transportation while am creating shipment cost document am getting this error "forward shipment cost items incorrect" kindly any one answer me.thanks in adv


how to configure Supply chain management


in a sales order can we have two plants? If yes how

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How the Delivery date is determine in third party sales order? If delivery date changed in PO, it should get updated in order also. what are the settings required in third party sales order?

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hi gurus, i have used variant configuration(a customer ordering a computer diff combination of monitor,cpu,keyboard) this is my scenario. i have taken and assigned(ct04,cl02,mm02) dov(10x11,11x12,12x13),colour(red,brown,grey),price(sdco,vko nd).now those were again assigned in cu01. can u provide solution urgent.


Company launches a new product and gives 5% discount for only 100 qty from Jan 1st to 10th. The customer can order 50 qty on 2nd Jan & another 50 qty on 5th Jan or the customer can order 100 qty on the same day itself. But the discount applies only for 100 qty. If the customer orders 120 qty then 100 qty will have discount and for the remaining 20 qty no dsicount. how will u configure in the system.

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my quation is what purpose use free goods delivery control in sap sd free goods that filed more option is blank .a b.c,e What purpose yu filed

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Hai, Please post all SAP SD Q&A to my emailid:


How should be the Transport sequence of SAP SD configuration from DEV client to PRD client in SAP Implementation?

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when ever i post the stock in the plant through mb1c  i am getting the following error. "posting only possible in periods 2014/10 and 2014/09 in company code ****. I did mmpv. How can i enter period and fiscal year in mmpv. i dont know exactly mmpv process. plz anybody explain me mmpv process.Thanks in advance. Regards, Ramesh.

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What is the role of a Functional Consultant in ABAP Debugging? Means What we should know about Debugging a Sales Order or Delivery or Invoice.

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IBM SAP SD (Sales & Distribution) Interview Questions

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