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IBM SAP SD (Sales & Distribution) Interview Questions
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What is SD part in Variant Configuration? Do we do all the steps in Variant like CO,LO or just Sales /Conditions.IF we do Sales and conditons how we do that.


does anyone know what as a sd consultant we have to perform while closing of the month,,.i mean book the costs and accurals,.i dont have any knowledge about this.

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Hi, experts pls answer this question, thanx in advance. if we create a functional specs for any enhancement, we need do give the approach on particular issue. could u explain how we need to find the issue and what is approach on this. for eg: if we want to copy PO no. from quotation into order,Here what is the way to find the include(routine) to create functional specs.

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Hi,In IBM Interview,the Scenario For an XYZ customer any order he places should be deliveried with in time and one short all the QTY (one time only PGI for Sales order). say for example Customer has ordered 100 qty on 15/july/2011, stock aviable is only 30 qty, customer requied delivery date 25/july/ 2011. is this possiblein SAP SD if yes How and where is the Triggering point.

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Hi,In IBM Interview,the Scenario For an XYZ customer,The required delivery time is given by the customer say 17/july, but for transportation for material will take some 4days to reach the customer. means in SAP the PGI should happen before 4 days so that meet reqiured Delivery dated, How and where is the triggering point in SAP SD.from where the system will know delivery should happen before 4days.

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what is mean by make to order and make to stock in availability check strategy group? what are the functionality in availability check?

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what is the difference between delivery document and scheduling?

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what happened when you overrate the customer?


what is cross function in sd explain with an eg?

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What is the difference between associate,support and functional consultants in SAP?

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In vfo3 invoice date is showing before billing date invoice date is showing sep 25 but billing date is showing sep18th In wht case the Invoice date is before Billing date

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In SAP-SD, what is the Landscape of your project?Plz. help me.

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How can we make Rebate processing?What is the procedure?

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How can we configure Input Tax settings in MIRO(Third Party Sales)?

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In Third Party sales ME21 A/C assignment G/L a/c 893010 is set(proposed by the system)but in MIRO it is giving error that G/L A/C 893010 is set is not relevant for Tax,how to solve the problem?

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IBM SAP SD (Sales & Distribution) Interview Questions

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