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IBM SAP Security Interview Questions
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what is use of derived roles and where it is used?

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what is use of su56?

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what is the rule set in GRC?

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what is the use of CUA?

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how to resolve role conflict

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how to delete a role?

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what is diff b/w su01 and su10?

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what is SOD?

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How will you mitigate a user against an authorization object which is decided as sensitive by Business

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where do you find the manually added tcodes in role tables.

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what is the difference between copied and derived role?

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what are ticketing tools?

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How to transport a T-code into Production?

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1).what is the diff b/w adding the tcode in s_tcode authorization object and addind the tcode inmenu tab of pfcg? 4) What is the difference between Owner, Controller and Administrator in Firefighter? 2) Can you tell me why do you use S_TABU_DIS authorization object? 3) Explain How do you restrict a particular table acces then? 5)In RAR ,What are the default Back ground Jobs? 6)Which job will update all user master records? 7)What will happen whenever we execute a t-code? 8)What is the purpose of the report RSUSR006? 9) Lets say a user is locked by admin? What value will you see in USR02 table and in UFLAG column? 10) What will you do if the user complains that he is not able to access a t-code? 11)why we have to delete users ? 12)a. What is Direct role assignment and indirect role assignment? b. What is the process of adding a t-code to an existing role? c. If client asked you to modify a role directly in PRODUCTION for emergency? Is it possible? What you will do in that situation? d. What is the purpose of customized Transaction codes? Have you created any custom t-codes? 13)

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Which transaction should not be given to BASIS and DEV team in Production?


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IBM SAP Security Interview Questions

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