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IBM SAP Security Interview Questions
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What is diffrence to add tcode in Menu tab(PFCG)and in S_TCODE object?

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How to get the list of tcodes having by all users(EX-20 users)at a time?(through SUIM or TABLE) [we can get single user through SUIM->TRANSACTIONS- >EXECUTABLE USER....but same thing i want for multiple users at a time)

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What is the latest change that was done to the SU53 trace, which is used to find the last authorization failure in SAP..???

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How to trace a Report User (Business User) in SAP BI?

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which ticketing tool is used in your company?Explain ticketig process?

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What is the benefits of ticketing tool?

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What is Preventive and Detective controls in GRC AC 5.3?

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Give some examples for Remediation and Mitigation in RAR?

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what is difference between master role and derived role

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We have one request to modify role(adding field value in auth. object) and we have added it. when transporting that role, getting error "role XXXXX type is undetermined" can any body please suggest, how to fix this issue?

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A user has roles that only give display access but he can still change something in the system. how?

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what is the use of s_tabu_nam,s_tabu_dis,s_tabu_cli

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Explain how you can lock all the users at a time in SAP?

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Using which table transaction code text can be displayed?

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How we can see FFID log report, before any prerequisite?

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IBM SAP Security Interview Questions

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