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IBM SAP Security Interview Questions
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Difference between Change Mode and Expert Mode in PFCG?

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Difference between S_tcode and Menu tab transactions?

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Red, Yellow, Green in PFCG significance? Can we generate red Roles in PFCG and assign it to Users?

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Difference between short and Long Description in PFCG?

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Which request is this Which we create for transportation?

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1. what is the difference b/w change authorization mode and expert mode. 2.when we do the user comparison in pfcg what is the difference in complete comparison and expert mode comparison. 3. what are the critical auth objects in security point of you , 4.when we do the transportation of composite role what will happened . 5.while doing the kernel upgrade we download the executable s one by one are all together. 6. while applying the patches what is the importance of test import why we do test import

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1 .what are the authorization switches in security

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use of T-code SE63

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why fire fighter id is using in the production system ?

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how to modify a mass users validity,address, a time ?

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Hi Experts, can any one let me know the Tables which we use for compliance calibrator & Access enforcer of grc and please let me know the background jobs of grc, Please it's urgent so please answer as soon as possible to these questions , I really appreciate your help, Thanks karunakar


what is the difference between PFCG,PFCG_TIME_DEPENDENCY&PFUD???

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How to create a custom T-code tell me the procedure How to add an authorization object for that custom t-code If any authorization object has been modified in SU24, how it will be effected in the system? If u has issue like add one AO in 50 roles what would u do? (If all 50 are single roles)? What is rule? What kind of reports does perform at the R3 level?

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Hi, Can any one tell me the authorization objects for SOD

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How see hierarchies in BI security

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IBM SAP Security Interview Questions

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