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IBM SAP Security Interview Questions
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What are the critical tables in BI Security

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How to trace the Users in BI Security and give me navigation

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The user wants to create like a time table in BEX but when the open BEX its showing empty screen . in this situation what will u do.. And How will solve u …What r the steps u will take the to solve the solution..


What r the daily activity in BI security

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What are the mandatory authorization object should have like Reporting user ,power user ,super user and administrator user

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What is purpose of using Pound Sign(#) and colon(;) in BI/BW security

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Whr will u find u Error logs in BI security and What are Error logs will come and how will u solve that

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Whr will u find u Generation logs in BI security and What are Generation logs will come

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What are the T-codes in BI security

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What is the difference between Execution and Simulation in grc rar

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1.What is the difference between Su24,su22,and su21? 2.What are the advantages of GRC in segregation of duties when we compare with virsa? 3.There is one derived role, if i copy the role of derived role will the parent or master role will be the same for the new which is derived from the derived role, if so why if not why? 4. what are the organizational level?

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What is the name of background job in FF that is responsible for sending notification and logs to FF id controller ?

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how to lock the client?

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in how many roles a T-code exists? Find it without se16 or suim

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How to identify which Authorization Objects contains which fields \ activities?

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IBM SAP Security Interview Questions

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