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IBM SAP Security Interview Questions
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i am asked to get through at "Authorizations analysis and correct assignments" wat does it mean and wat all concepts comes under these ?

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what are all the questions covered in "profiles related concepts " please let me know ?


a user is not able to execute a t-code ; hou do u solve that ? wat are the difft reasons that might be existing ?

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a user is asking for a t-code to assign ? hou do u assign the t-code ?

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hou can i assign a same role to 200 users ?

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i want to delete 1000 users of a particular client,hou can i do it ?

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what are the profiles that are related to transports ? what are the A.O related to transports ?

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can u tell me some of the password related parameters ?

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I want to lock all the users except sap* and DDIC of a particular client ?

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can u secure profiles ? if so , hou to do it ?

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In an environment of derived roles ; a user is asking for a t-code ; which is not found in suim in search of roles ? what will u do ?

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what are the important A.O ? why they are important ... ?

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I want a list of users along with roles for a client ? hou to do it?

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hi..guys... can u tell me? what is the solution manager.. and what is the use? which type of commands we should follow?

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what difference of the autherisations on change and expert

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IBM SAP Security Interview Questions

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