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IBM SAP Security Interview Questions
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If we delete a Role can we transport it, if yes then how?

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Tables so far used?

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SU25 Step6 How Roles are created through Profiles?

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If SU53 screenshot does not give anything then How will you find the solution? If there is no relevant Role , then How?

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If user says he don’t have authorization then how to proceed?

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Support types of WOs you have faced?


What do you mean by Role Remediation?

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Difference between SE01, SE10 & SE09?

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What do you mean by SOX and Gxp?

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Through CTS how we come to know the Role?

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Can we delete a Role and transport it?Explain How?

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In SU53 screenshot , there are missing authorization. How you come to know that these are the relevant Roles in which we have to add these objects? Decision not SUIM

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Attributes in SE01?


Users are lockdown from past 3 -4 months. Which table is used to know that which users are lockdown?

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Difference between Standard and Manual objects?

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IBM SAP Security Interview Questions

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