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IBM Cognos Interview Questions
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5. Which type of report you build more, list, crosstab or chart and why?


What is render variable?Where do you exactly use in developing a report?

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what are burst options you have?

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What do you do to make a report result in showing 4 different regions in an xl sheet in individual sheets(like Region1-sheet1,Region2-Sheet2 soon)?

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can we join 2 different queries? One has 10 columns and other has 5+ columns?

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What is Conditional block? How do you use in a report?

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my cient has reports in java and the dw mart is there already, whether you will suggest for Cognos reports ?

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Main Differnce between Cognos7 and Cognos8

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Synchroness 1.What are hash prompts? Ans: Tree prompts in which hierarchies can be seen,they can be said as hash prompts. 2.User wants to see 5 more coloums in the report.We have package and data base,how will u implement using it in report.? Ans: 3.What is automatic optimization?what is optimization?what are the properties you set for optimization in report studio? 4.what is command to display first 10 records from a table? IGATE 1.In FM if we change a fact symbol to attribute,will it effect the report? 2.If a report is slow in generating output. How do u perform tuning? How do u reduce joins in sql? Using left outer join is it going to improve the report performance? IBM 1.How do you configure ? 2.How do you drill through report from RS to Analysis studio?


How to create a Ratio in Cognos Report studio Reports?

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give me scenario on cascading prompts&master-detail relation

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what is sdibling function tell me the some functions

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i have a sales project interviewe asked tel me the how many facts&dimensions used in ur project.

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how can i test the reports in cognos

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when can i use the STAR Schema and SNOWFLAKE Scgena

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IBM Cognos Interview Questions

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