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IBM Cognos Interview Questions
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im having a value prompt, in that value prompt im having the values as ABC and CDF, i want to hide the select box in that value prompt? is it possible in cognos?

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Cleared COG-112 with 100% score today. What next certification should i go for?


I have 3 objects (list,cross tab and chart)in one page, when u run report display each object in each page. how can i do?

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What is Additive function?


Is it possible to create drill through access to other report from PDF report?

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What is Online View?


What is Star schema group?

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how to change the colour of the bar in charts...?

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Hi Guro's How to give give one space for every 5 rows in a crosstab report in cognos

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what is a box type in cognos? what is a stitch query? what are the services that run in background when cognos is running

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Hi, I got a requirement wehre in in a drill through report , in parent report i have a column of numbers on which i have to apply drill through to child report.The condition is in that column if the number ia not zero the drill through link should appear (i.e., 1 to 9) if its 0 or negative number link should not appear. How ? Help would be appreciated

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1)How to bursting the cross tab report? 2)What is meant by Object explorer? 3)What is cascade report?

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hi, i am Having 2 Reports one list report,one crosstab report if i put 2 querys for 2 reports which query will execute first?if i put same query for both 2 which report i will Get?pls pls pls Explain me...

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drillthrough vs master detaild report,which one is the best by performance?

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I have two date promts which optional. by defalt it will be checked.i want to unchek that date prompts.How to uncheck the date prompts in cognos

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IBM Cognos Interview Questions

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