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How to create a Ratio in Cognos Report studio Reports?

How to create a Ratio in Cognos Report studio Reports?..

Answer / the_xxx


This rank function calculates the ratio of a value to the
sum of the values for the entire set.

RATIO_TO_REPORT( numeric )



numeric-- Any numeric data type expression, typically
a reference to a numeric column.

Return Type


Returns a number for each row in the set that is the row’s
ratio to the sum of the entire set. When expression results
in NULL, the function returns NULL. When the sum of the set
is zero (0), the ratio is also zero.

Note: This function cannot be used as an argument in a set
function, moving set function, or rank function. For
example, SUM(RATIO_TO_REPORT(...)) is illegal.

Determine what percentage each product sales is to the total
sales of all products for the last 20 weeks:

SELECT prod_description DESC,

SUM(dollars) as sales,

li_amount )) * 100 AS ratio_dollars

FROM lineitem, product

WHERE lineitem.li_prod_id = product.prod_id

GROUP BY prod_description;


Widget 896931.15 12.88

Basket 514830.00 7.39

Football 507022.35 7.28

Oil Drum 503493.10 7.23

Computer 437863.00 6.29

Chair 429637.75 6.17

Desk 424215.00 6.09

Mesh Bag 421205.75 6.05

Shoelace 417261.00 5.99

Powder 397102.50 5.70

Telephone 394086.50 5.66

Cord 392377.75 5.64

Mouse 389378.25 5.59

Monitor 305859.75 4.39

Case 294982.75 4.24

Cup 236772.75 3.40

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