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IBM Cognos Interview Questions
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How can I change reports to another package???

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What is a scope? can you tell me one example for scope?

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what is a Galaxy Schema?

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How many reports did you create in your project?

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How many fact tables and dimension tables in your project?

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What is a query set?

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If we run a report, that has 2 pages, i want to display one page in HTML format and another page wil display in pdf format. What is the procedure?

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write the sql query to display 5th and 10th row in a table?

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What is Lookup ,bridgeing tables where they will use in the Dataware house

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what is repeater table and repeater where to use these? can any one explain with senario greatly helpfull

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In my report i want display sales rep name, country ,city how to achieve this by using repeater table


im having null data in one of the cell in my report i have to display as "no data" when u run the report how can i achive this problem?

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In Drill through, Reports are executing successfully when rename & run the created reports? Pls tel me the reason?

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How to hide value prompt box and list when run report?

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How to select all in value prompt instead of cascade prompt?

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IBM Cognos Interview Questions

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