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IBM Cognos Interview Questions
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Hi All, Is there any way to check whether a value is selected in a Multi-select tree prompt? I have a tree prompt and want to get to know whetehr which values user has selected,i want to so that values on the top of the report. I Have used that paramDisplayValue('paramername'),But it will display only last selected value. For Example i have tree prompt with one level Region- >country->states If user select region Asia it will dislay the all the Countries in that region and then if user select India it will display the states related to india only Suppose Hierachy look like this: Asia->India->Andhra Pradesh. I want to show this hierachy on the top of the report How it is possible? Can you please help me?


wat is called Model dimension?


Hi, I am Searching on Cognos 8, I don't know how to explain the projects in cognos.Can anybody help me in this regard. My email id is Thanks in advance


we have package it contain Query subject (123456). If u generate report with 6 query subject error will occure how to resolve this problem

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I have prompt date prompt (from and to), country and city, how to get data from jan1/2012 to jan31-2012.

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2.How do you drill through report from Report Studio to Analysis studio?

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pls ans what are the filters we have in framework manager? filters in report studio?

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what r the reports u faced critical and how it can be solved .. any once can u give a best ans for interviw


Hi,please suggest me how to creat username while creating a report.

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There is any option to delete temp files automatically from temp directory in COGNOS? (without manual)

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what is the difference between java script and html in cognos?

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Hi All, When user run the cognos report, that report output data must be download/available in EXCEL / CSV file.? (like... list report contain PL,PT,PN,RVEN, that excel/csv default download must be list columns PL,PT,PN,REVN) Thanks in Advance, LN.

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What is Cardinality b/w Fact to Fact?

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Due Date (Highlight Issues in Blue where Due Dates are less than Todays Date),I have only Due Date column then how to over come the problem.How to find out which Due Date are less than Today Date...Kindly provide the detail steps to my mail ID-->

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what is boxtype

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IBM Cognos Interview Questions

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