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IBM COBOL Interview Questions
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what is S04E error in jcl?

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can u plz expain me how to declare dynamic array? what is the meaning of depending on clause in dynamic array?

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Explain fixed length record in cobol? with suitable example

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what is jcl approach for programming?

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Is it possible to mutliply a comp variable with an comp-3 variable. Will there be any error if i do it?

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Please let me know at which Scenarios we will go for STATIC call or DYNAMIC

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In A cobol program , we can use COPY Statement in FILE- SECTION / WORKING-STORAGE SECTION / ENVIRONMENT DIVIION basically what is the difference

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How To move a value to an array using move verb?

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How To move a value to an array using move verb?

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I have a seq file with different fields one field is address with pic x(50) as input in a cobol program. In address there is 'PUNE' at any different positions in the address field ( form 1 t0 50) . My requirement is select the fields with address 'PUNE' by using cobol. Please suggest

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Size of a column has been changed in DB2 table (Suppose it was of 5 characters and later changed to 4 characters) and forgot to change the DCLGEN in COBOL program, what will happen during the execution of code? If the program Abends then what will be the error? If it doesn't abend then hpw the error can be catched?

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Suppose i want to declare a binary comp fild of 7 byte .how to write?

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example for sub strings ? and refernce modifications whit output pls


what happens when a copybook variables are declared using include statement ?

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u have passed sme charecters thru parm parameter in jcl. how do u code in cobol to recieve the values u gave in parm ?

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IBM COBOL Interview Questions

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