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IBM COBOL Interview Questions
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The hierarchy of the execution of logical operators is (a) NOT AND OR (b) AND OR NOT (c) OR AND NOT (d) OR NOT AND

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i Want All cobol ERROR codes?

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How can we pass data from cobol to JCl?

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How to covert given string into ASCII value in COBOL/MF COBOL

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I have PS flat file with 14 records. I want to read from 4th to 9th record and want to write those 6 records (4th record to 9th record) to another PS file (output file). there is no key defined in the input file. I just want read a certain Consecutive records. can any one please give me the procedure division Coding for this. I have coded the below coding but the READ-PARA is performing only 1 time even though I have 14 records in my input file (i.e FILE-1): PROCEDURE DIVISION. A000-SECTION. MOVE 0 TO I. OPEN INPUT FILE-1. IF CHECK-KEY1 > 0 DISPLAY "OPEN ERROR FOR FILE-1, CODE IS:" CHECK-KEY1 END-IF. OPEN EXTEND NEWFILE-1 IF CHECK-KEY3 > 0 DISPLAY "OPEN ERROR FOR NEWFILE-1 COD IS" CHECK-KEY3 END-IF. PERFORM READ-PARA THRU EXIT-PARA UNTIL EOF-REC = 'YES'. DISPLAY " FINALLY OUT OF LOOP" CLOSE FILE-1 CLOSE NEWFILE-1 STOP RUN. READ-PARA. ADD 1 TO I READ FILE-1 AT END MOVE 'YES' TO EOF-REC IF I > 3 AND < 10 PERFORM WRITE-PARA ELSE DISPLAY "NOT IN RANGE" END-IF. EXIT-PARA. EXIT. WRITE-PARA. WRITE NEW-REC FROM FILE1-REC.

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Hi all, I have a following requirement to write the cobol program. I have to load the 129 variables from input sequential file which are in excel sheet to the cobol inernal table. and after loading into table i have to compare this data with the business file. here compare means controlling the data whether the format(numeric,alpha) is same in the business file and in the table??? i have the same data in input and business file. could anyone please give me any idea of the logic?// i have all the 129 different variables(129rows,1 column)is there .

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I have to write to a outfile where the number of records in that file should be the header of that file using IMS.. can anyone help me in this issue


I have a sequential file of 100 records. How do I load the records into a two dimensional array ?

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What will happen if we generate GDG (+2) version without generating (+1) version?

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What is SDSF?

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What are differences between Static Call and Dynamic Call?

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What is IMPACT analysis?

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We have 3 programms A,B,C.In the middle of the program A the controls goes to program B and in the middle of the program B control wants to go program C,after completion of program C again control comes to program B and again after completion of program B control comes to program A.How the process will takes and what are the controls we use for that process.If it is possible anybody of you explain with example?

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Minimum how many Number of Paragraphs are there in ID- Divison?

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With in these three which one is the default one Call Reference, Call By Value, Call By Content.-Which one is default?

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IBM COBOL Interview Questions

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