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IBM COBOL Interview Questions
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give the examples for strings and unstrings in cobol

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What happens in the background of spool when we submit a job for compilation and execution... This is a recent question in ibm...Kindly help me.....

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What is XDC ?

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why we are using set in searchall?

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i need a program by giving input as a abcd in any randem order but i need a output as 1234 related to abcd. i.e,. a for 1,b=2,c.....etc..

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suppose a cobol programme A calling programme B,C and D. If C undergoes some change what if A,B,C,D need to be recompiled or only C nee to be recompliled.

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what is a zoned decimal data type and how it will be stored?

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how can we find total no of records in a file there any utility......?

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how will u pass dadta to cobol+db2 program...?

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what is rediffine clause?in what situation it can use?give me real time example?

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what is rediffine clause?in what situation it can use?give me real time example?

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what is redefines? where it can be effectively use for the purpose of memory utilization? give an example?

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how to convert vsam table into DB2 table?

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1.give the details about WHEN OTHER. 2. how many form are available in evaluate.


in the TIME parameter we r giving hours r minutes

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IBM COBOL Interview Questions

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