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IBM COBOL Interview Questions
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How do u debug a S0C7 abend? (aswered till we get the field which caused that) After knowing the field which caused that how do u know the record which caused that if it is in production env? (dumb) Ok let us assume that we got to know that 100th record caused that and I wanted to skip only 100th record from the file and process from 101th. How to do that in JCL using SORT? (tried with STOPAFT but ended up dumb when he said smthing else is ther)

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in cobol i have one file it contains records like 10,4,23,98,7,90..... total records 100. iwant 10 to 20 in reverse order in cobol environ ment any one please give the answer......

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Consider the below example call a-test1. -- -- -- a-test1. if a=b perform a-test through a-exit next sentence else if b=c perform c-test through c-exit. if a=d perform d-test through d-exit. a-test. -- -- a-exit. exit. can u tell me what will happen if a=b after looping into a-exit will the control go back to a- test1. will the condition a=d be checked???

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here is my requirement A1 is alphanumeric with value 'A1B2C3D4' as defined below 05 A1 PIC X(8) VALUE IS 'A1B2C3D4' but i need to have A2,A3 as ABCD & 1234 repectively...... A2 = ABCD A3 = 1234 Can you please explain me what are the different ways to do it?

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how we can reverse the string in the cobol for example satheesh can be reveresed as hseehtas

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I have two files , file1 is input file it contains 10,20,30,....,records but i want to display the records in file 2 as reverse order .how can we do by using jcl& cobol(dont use array) please any one can tell me the answer

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write a program to eliminate duplicate records in a input file and send them to output file.

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if a=b how the flow will complete??? perform test through test-exit. perform activa through activa-exit. test. if a=b then next sentence else move a to c. test-exit. exit. activa. -- -- activa-exit. exit.

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what is scope terminator

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how to access the file from prodution from changeman tool and to submit a file to production

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if a file has 1000 recods how copy the records from 1 to 100 records using sort

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how the control comes back from subprogram to mainprogram

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if a dataset is already created with fixed length but after that i want to change fixed length to variable length then how is it possible

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give the examples of strings in cobol

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diffrence between renames and redifnes with examples

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IBM COBOL Interview Questions

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